a photo story book of seven days (plus one) Creation


A lot was happening in those years and it happened fast and furious. The insanity of genocide, oppression and war (Biafra, Israel but especially Vietnam). The murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and the threat of the BOMB.

But a counter current was also born. The folly of art and culture. The student revolts, Flower Power, sexual freedom, Burn Your Bra, Woodstock, hasj, the musical Hair and Pink Floyd. It was during those years that the book developed. The three makers were,

Berend, the poet Len, the model Willem, the photographer

We were undergoing big and dramatic changes ourselves. Established values wavered. The struggle to free ourselves from the straight jacket of our myopic environment, church and their morals. Late nights with new friends. Cheese fondue, jug wine and listening to heartbreaking songs. We stayed up all night for the first landing on the moon.

We found a way to develop and express our creative energy and talents in writing, modeling and photography. The book materialized despite, but also thanks to that time. It was a long road, but also a satisfying one. Call it the translation of a picture of a pose.


We had a reunion and celebrated the completion of having the book on the web in digital form.

Berend, Len and Willem 27 years later

The Last Day, start reading it now