in Black and White

Annual Florida Photography Exhibition at Art Center Sarasota.
I decided to participate with a thought provoking photo.

I had this idea about showing the difference between the "Haves" and the "Have nots",
with a word play of "Homeless" and the words "Homes for Less", used in the real estate market.

Below is how my thoughts came together

I took a pic of an old car, and photoshopped a blank sign on it.

Then I took a pic of a luxury home down the street. This will be my contrast photo.
I tilted the pic to get the horizon straight..

Then I photoshopped the car on the front lawn. Big contrast already. Now I need some signs.

I photoshopped a sign and posts. I will change the company name later.

Added sign in front yard. Will change text later. I'll use Home versus Homeless

Wrote some text and superimposed them onto the board on the car, in adjusted perspective

New Company name. New texts on both signs. HOME for LESS versus HOMELESS.
Both ask "Talk to us"

Make it gray scale, as required by the Art Center

More black and white contrast. This is it. A snapshot from "real" life. Get out your hanky.

Submitted as a 20" x 16" print for the Art Center contest. I was selected for the exhibition, but did not win a prize.