Portrait of Teena and Kaila

We moved to a new condo in Destin in the Spring of 2015. Although the condo is not small (2,500 sq.ft.) I do not have a studio to paint in.
However, the Association has one studio with easels and natural light and another hobby room with additional fluorescence tubes.
I prefer to paint in the hobby room, since the light is always the same and I have a large locker there to store all my art supplies.

I first took two dozen photos of the girls individually and close together. No smiles allowed. I then selected the best headshots of each and photoshopped them together.

This is the composition I will work from, but will probably change a few things as I progress.


Our condo has been decorated with blues and greens to mimic the colors of the Gulf of Mexico. I will work these colors into the painting's background and the girls' eye shadows (Kaila is 10, going on 21).

Hobby Room

Beginning of portrait. I moved Kaila's hair behind her shoulders.

I painted the portrait on linen. It doesn't have much "tooth", but nicely shows the underpainting colors.

I gave the girls over-the-top eye shadow colors, "reflected" from the new background.
The painting is large. 31" x 20"

Selected for the annual Mattie Kelly Arts Exhibition

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