Some time ago Art Center Sarasota had an art competition with the theme "Dreams".

I decided to participate and create a large pastel painting (40 x 40 inches), where I would be surrounded by nude movie stars.
I started off making dozens of sketches for a balanced design. Then when I had the first design on paper,
someone close to me said "why don't you make it even more obnoxious and put Monica Lewinsky on her knees in front of you".

So here is the first composition. 5 women and myself, second from the left.
I have decided on which faces to use from some old magazines.



More progress, but I have now decided to erase the woman on the right (would have become Gwyneth Paltrow).
The pyramid-shape composition is better balanced now.


More detail. But, the breasts of the 2 women on the right are almost identical. Therefore I decided
to make them quite different. I will increase the one in the middle quite a bit. Salma Hayek can take it.


Here I am. "In my dreams". I decided to keep myself faceless.
Surrounded by Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Angela Jolie and Monica Lewinsky.
Angela Jolie's tattoo are my initials upside down. If she looks down on it, she will read W V O
The women's earrings mimic my sunglasses and show their love & devotion to me.

I named the painting "Dream on". Ha, ha, is this all a scream or what?

At the Art Center's exhibition gallery

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