Portrait of Landon

We moved to a new condo in Destin -Florida- in the Spring of 2015. Although the condo is not small (2,500 sq.ft.) I do not have a studio to paint in.
However, the Association has one studio with easels and natural light and another hobby room with additional fluorescence tubes.
I prefer to paint in the hobby room, since the light is always the same and I have a large locker there to store all my art supplies.

Last year I painted Landon's sister Kaila and their mother Teena, so now it was Landon's turn. He loves anything sport, but especially loves being a baseball catcher in his Little Leage team. I took some pics of him in the backyard (asked him to look as if he wanted to kill the pitcher), and decided to paint him in a Major Leage stadium.

Hobby Room

First stage. I gave Landon a new shiny helmet and started the background for a Major League stadium.

Final touches. I made the mitt really large, as if he almost puts it into the viewer's face.

Finished. Ready to be framed

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